Dedicated hosting - great savings

Save up to 16% by paying in advance.

With, you have complete flexibility when choosing your contract period. You can't predict the exact type of server requirements you'll need down the road? And you'd like the option of testing out our servers before you commit? We make it easy for you by offering a short one-month contract period..

However, if you already know that you'll need a reliable server with high-speed connection for the immediate future, then simply pay for a few months in advance. Your benefit: You save up to six months of server fees!

View our prepaid offers in detail:

Term Months paid Free months
1 month 1 0
12 months 11 1
24 months 21 3
36 months 30 6

The discount for prepayment only applies to server fees. Your bandwidth plan will continue to be paid monthly and can still be adjusted by you in your Unmetered panel at any time.

The Smart Choice

  • Pay for 12, 24 or 36 months in advance
  • No server fees for up to 6 months
  • Automatically switch to monthly term after prepaid period
  • Select term during order